When you start a blog for your business or organisation, it can be hard to choose the right blogging platform because there is so much choice.

And a lot of these platforms are free too! Here’s a list of 23 free blogging plaforms + another 10 to top it off.

So, now what?

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As a marketer, your number 1 objective for the social web is to get found, right?

If you want to get found you know you should optimise your content and your website. But! You should also optimise your social media channels. So, where to start?

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Someone recently asked the question “What do I need to optimise? My whole blog, the pages of my blog, or my blog posts?”

Ever at your service, I will explain what the difference is between these three, from a Search Engine Optimisation perspective. First, an important note!

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In some cases hosting your blog under your main website can be a good option. You would then need to make a choice between hosting the blog as a subdirectory (yourwebsite.com/blog) or as a subdomain (blog.yourwebsite.com).

Next week I will publish a post that explains the pros and cons of hosting your blog under the domain of your main –  corporate, primairy or root – website as oppose to hosting it completely separate under a separate domain (URL).

But in this post, I will first discuss the difference between hosting your blog under subdirectory or subdomain.

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Reasons to blog

As you know, our mission in life is to turn organisations and people into publishers of valuable, optimised, content to help them reach their marketing, pr and communications goals on the social web.

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Today, it is a simple marketing truth that if you want to get found by potential customers and clients on the social web, you need to know the basics of SEO (search engine optimisation). You need to develop and implement a keyword strategy. You need to apply that keyword strategy in your social channels – and your content!

This will help help potential customers find you rather than spending unnecessary marketing euros on advertising to find them.

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In this post I will explain the concept of Long Tail SEO, how you can beat your competition in search engine rankings by applying it, and even how to get a shot at great search engine rankings for a single keyword!

SEO Longtail Keyword Phrases

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Shameless Blog Promotion image of woman holding up signOK. You are just starting out with your blog or social media newsroom. You have written and published a great blog post, and it now sits there on your blog.

Because your blog posts are search engine optimised to your Keyword Strategy (On Page SEO), you will eventually start getting traffic through search engines.

But you also want some people on your blog TODAY!

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Since I will be talking about SEO on this blog quite a lot, I think it’s good to clear up some terminology first. Let’s start with PageRank and SERP.

Usually when I ask marketers what PageRank is, they reply:

Isn’t this the position of your site in Google?”

Answer: no, not exactly.

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As a marketer, you or your department, will sometimes be dealing with nastly little executional issues related to publishing content on the web.

In my blog post last week I discussed adjusting the code from SlideShare presentations, so they look cleaner when you embed them.

Another problem you might encounter is the size of the object not fitting your blog. For instance a YouTube video might be too wide for your blog. This way the video will overlaps the column next to your content area.

The same could happen to a SlideShare presentation or to any content (video, image) you are embedding in your blog or social media newsroom.

Here’s how you solve it:

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