Import Facebook Photos and Pictures into Google Plus automaticallyLast month I wrote a post about how to import your Facebook pictures into Google Plus.You can do this manually by first downloading your Facebook photos and then uploading them into your G+ Photo albums.

In the comment section of my post some people were kind enough to point out some alternate ways of importing your Facebook photos into Google Plus.

You can for instance use Photograbber, which also allows you to download your friends photos or any other photos that have you tagged for instance.

An interesting comment came from Christopher Russell who wrote a post about importing your Facebook photos into G+ using a recently released Chrome browser app.

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Import Facebook photo albums into Google PlusUnfortunately, there is not yet an app that automatically moves all your Facebook pictures to Google Plus.

But there is a way around it.

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Here’s a little tip I picked up this morning while reading this post on the SEOmoz daily blog:

Facebook now not only offers Insights for your Facebook Page but also for your own website!

This is great, because you can now not only see which of your website or blog content is being shared and clicked on, but you can also see the demographics of the people who shared your content! For instance:

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Early February I wrote a post on how you can manually transfer your Facebook friends from your Personal Profile to your Business Page. A little bit later Facebook made it possible to move (convert, transfer or migrate) your friends to ‘Likes’ automatically.

After that post I was flooded with questions from people who all seemed to be experiencing difficulties and bugs while completing this conversion process.

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Stop the press!

About 3 weeks ago I wrote a post called “How to convert your friends from a Personal Facebook Profile to a Facebook Fan Page”. This used to be quite a hassle, because Facebook didn’t offer an easy way to do this.

Yesterday Beatrice Whelan a webdesigner and blogger from Ireland, posted a comment on my blog saying that Facebook now offers an easy, automatic way to convert your friends from a Personal Profile to a Facebook Page.

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To give your business a presence on Facebook, you need to set up a Facebook Page instead of creating a Personal Facebook Profile for your business.

But what if you have already set up your business as a personal account? How can you move, transfer or convert your existing Facebook friends to your new Facebook Page?

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Facebook for business Personal Profile or Fan PageRecently I ran into a case where a potential client had created a Personal Facebook Profile for their business, instead of a Facebook (Fan) Page.

Personal Profiles are intended for real people. Facebook Pages are intended for businesses, organisations, public figures, etc.

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A very pretty kinetic typography animation by Stephan Fry… As posted on our Facebook Group. (Some advertising: please join!). Yum indeed!

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Facebook page vanity URLMany companies nowadays have a Facebook page. But often they forget to claim their ‘vanity URL’.

When we started our Facebook Page, the URL of our Facebook Page looked like this:

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Should I start a Facebook Page or Group | imageI often get asked what is the difference between a Facebook Page and Group? And which should I set up.

What is a Facebook Page?

In short, a Facebook Page is the equivalent of your personal Facebook account. If you as a business start a Facebook Page – this is your ‘official presence’.

What is a Facebook Group?

A Facebook Group is the equivalent of something you join on Facebook, such as a university alumni group or an environmental cause.

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