The titles of your blog posts are of great importance to draw people into your story. Your title either needs to be catchy, provocative, funny, promising or in other ways grab people’s attention and draw them into your blog post.

But you also want people to actually find your blog posts when they are searching in Google. For this you need to include the keywords you want to be found on in the title of your blog posts.

So, how do you write blog post titles that are both catchy for humans and attractive for search engines?

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Copywriting and SEO part 2Last Friday I wrote a post about Copywriting & SEO, giving you 6 tips to get your blog posts found more.

The essence of the post was that Google wants you to write for humans not for Google. Quality content is essential for your blog posts to rank high in search engines.

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Copywriting and SEOSearch engine optimisation can be like a big box of misty magic for communicators, PR’s and marketers. This ‘fear’ might stop you from starting a blog. Or, if you’re already blogging, it may well prevent your content from being found by your target audience!

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Some videos are screaming to be shared. This is one of them.

It’s made by a UK agency called Purplefeather. Bravo! I salute you!

What a little copy edit can do ;-)

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Visualise your proposition…

In my blog post ‘It’s all about them, not you’, I suggest a little check to see how consumer oriented your website is: just by grabbing a pen and counting the number of times you use the word ‘we’ on your website as oppose to the word ‘you’. It really helps you get a feel of how consumer centric your organisation is.

Here’s a nice way of visualising all of the words on your website or your blog. Go to Add your URL or the text from your website. It generates a really neat word cloud. In essence what you are looking at is the way you articulate your product or service.

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