Today, it is a simple marketing truth that if you want to get found by potential customers and clients on the social web, you need to know the basics of SEO (search engine optimisation). You need to develop and implement a keyword strategy. You need to apply that keyword strategy in your social channels – and your content!

This will help help potential customers find you rather than spending unnecessary marketing euros on advertising to find them.

On the social web, your keyword strategy is the glue that holds all your marketing activities together. My simple advice: don’t leave home without developing & implementing one.

5 steps to more customers and clients on the social web:

1. Get some basic SEO knowledge

You don’t have to become an expert. But as a marketer do you need to get what SEO is about. It has to do with keywords, links and tags (code). Some basic SEO knowledge will really help you get found better by customers and prospects.

2. Develop a Keyword Strategy

You don’t want to be found only on your company name! You want to be found on the keywords that are most important to your business! Here can find a series of posts on How to develop a Keyword Strategy for your business.

3. Implement keyword strategy in your website and blog

As soon as you have found your little golden list of keywords and key phrases that you want to be found on, you then need to start using these words in the right places on your website and apply your keywords in theright way on your blog.

4. Use keywords in your social media channels

Of course you want your website found by Google. But you also want people to find your Facebook page, Linkedin or Twitter profile. This means that you also need to implement your keyword strategy in your social media channels. How you do that depends on the channel. I will write more on social media channel optimisation very soon!

5. Use keywords in your content

Content you publish in social media is also indexed by Google. Optimising your social media content based on a keyword strategy gets your SlideShare presentations or YouTube videos found better – not only via Google, but also from inside social media channels. Oh, and now that we’re talking content: even your tweets can now show up in Google real time search. You might want to consider using your keywords in your tweets every once and a while too.

A final note

This week I will kick off some posts that explain how you can optimise your social media channels. After that I will publish some posts that explain how you can optimise the content you publish on the social web – all to get you found more easily online.

If you have any specific questions, as always, please let me know!

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