Leaving Storywise and joining ROBIN

"There is a Japanese proverb that says: ‘Raise the sail with your stronger hand'. Meaning you must go after the opportunities that arise in life that you are best equipped to do". Soichiro Honda (founder of Honda) Newsflash! Effectively immediately I have joined a team of four developers, one designer, one trainee and one CEO/Founder in their mission to help small and medium sized e-commerce stores eliminate bad customer service. I have joined SaaS startup ROBIN – the intelligent Customer Service Assistant. As ROBIN’s ‘Marketing Manager Content Marketing & Online PR’ I will (and … Read More


Shameless Blog Promotion 2013: Your Blog Post Publishing & Promotion Ritual

Writing blog posts is one thing, promoting them is another. And although Great Content is the cornerstone of blogging success, promoting your posts is just as important. The question then is: ‘How do I promote my blog posts?’ Back in 2010 I did a post … Read More

The secret of Marketing 2.0: there’s no substitute for caring

One of my favourite marketing 2.0 quotes of all time comes from Gary Vaynerchuk, the video blogger, who so successfully built his wine business through social marketing. He says: There is no substitute for caring for your audience, your customer and your … Read More


It’s a word I hear a lot. I even use it myself sometimes: Leverage. I like the word. “Leverage” Sounds and smells fluid & rubbery. But it actually means to do the opposite. It takes power and muscle to leverage one thing towards the other. I … Read More


So, what exactly is Great Content?

Great content is the secret to marketing success on the social web. That’s what all the gurus and expert blogs tell you. And it’s true; great content is what drives people to click, share, follow, subscribe, donate and buy. And Google seems to like great … Read More

Erm, what is it that you plan to say?

Here’s a classic social media marketing cartoon, first published on Eloqua’s blog (a company for demand creation software) in a guest submission from Valeria Maltoni, business strategist. Check it out: … Read More

Content Marketing Infographic: publishing different types of content based on your audience needs

Below is one of the most useful Content Marketing infographics I have seen to date. It’s put together by Eloqua an online ‘demand-generation’ company in the UK and designed by creative agency Jess3 in the US. (Sending kudos and some keyword rich anchor text … Read More


Social media and SEO keep on merging. Are you ready?

It was clear from the start that Google meant business when they announced the launch of their social network Google +. Now, six months later, Google is taking rapid steps to further integrate Google + into the heart of the Google ecosystem: its’ search … Read More

My first SERP 1 blog post and how to write one yourself

As we know, SERP 1 is the Holy Grail of marketing. It means that you are the number one result in Google for the terms you want to be found on. I recently scored my first SERP 1 in Google on a very competitive keyword. Yaay! I thought it was a good idea to … Read More

5 Not So Scary Basic SEO Tactics For WordPress

This morning I was having a cup of coffee with a marketing strategist who had just started a WordPress website and blog. His site looked great. But it wasn’t optimised for search engines in the slightest. This happens a lot, because many business people … Read More