Social Search Today logoRecently I’ve written quite a bit about content curation: what it is, how to do it well, and new and existing tools to work with.

As you may have noticed, appears to be the hot new content curation tool. You may even be using it yourself. So what is it? Is it any good? And how can you get the best out of it? Here’s my take:

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Content curation gently stirredIn April I wrote a post called ‘What is Content Curation?’. I’m getting a lot of search engine traffic on it. It must be a hot topic.

I’m an advocate of content curation, but under one condition: it must be done well. It needs to be focussed on one specific area of expertise and only contain the highest quality content. I’d rather have my content gently stirred with 3 carefully selected olives. But it is easy to fall into the overkill trap.

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Just last week, I did a post called “What is Content Curation?“. In it I explained how it can be useful to you and your network.

Content curation basically means that you are pointing people to other people’s content.

But wait. Not just randomly. If you want to do it well, there are some rules:

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Content curation continually find, select, and share the best and most relevant contentContent is the currency of the social web. It’s what people search for. What makes them click, share, comment, subscribe, donate, follow or buy from you.

But creating valuable, compelling content can be quite a challenge for many entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations.

So! If you think you’re not quite ready for that particular challenge, you should start thinking about content curation.

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