Why I blog

I’ve been a ‘reformed marketer’ since 2008. After 14 years of traditional outbound marketing, campaigns and advertising, I decided to dive head-first into marketing on the social web. Why? I thought the opportunities were clear. Why focus on outbound when you can get customers to come to you instead?

Brilliant! But as I found out, making the shift to being a ‘social’ marketer is quite a headflip.

Since 2008 I’ve been on a tough learning curve. I covered it all; from inbound marketing, content marketing, SEO to social media marketing and the rest. In 2009 I co-founded Storywise with my business partner and started putting it all into practice.

One of the biggest challenges on the learning curve is to seperate the social media ‘spin’ from the truth. It’s really hard to find a trusted source of good, practical, useful information to make that headflip.

That’s why I blog.

I blog because I understand the stuff that business leaders, marketing directors and managers will face when figuring out how to market on the social web. So I publish the right stuff to get you started.

I blog because I understand the tactical challenges that happen along the way. So I blog on those too.

I blog because it’s a great way to offer our clients valuable and free(!) support when they work with us.

And of course, blogging helps me keep track of my own progress. Blogging gets me great visibility, and helps me be a more ‘social’ marketeer too.

Need help seperating the truth from spin? I can help, practically. In plain language.