Many people I know get their own personal Twitter channel because their employer has set one up for their company. It’s a great way in to start getting familiar with what it’s all about.

When we help clients become effective in social media we develop editorial plans for them – a plan of which content you need to publish to reach your business, marketing, PR or communications objectives.

But what if you want to start up a Twitter channel for yourself? What do you tweet about then?! Well, unless you are trying to set up your own business, you don’t need an editorial plan.

But as I blogged earlier, you do need to create your account, do up your profile, and start following some people. For your personal account this means you can start by following anyone you know; your friends, work colleagues, family, other companies in your industry, a news site or two (your favourite newspaper?), maybe a blogger or even your favourite celebrity ;-)

So let’s get tweeting! Let’s set a target of tweeting at least one or two tweets each day!

Your personal Tweet plan: what to tweet about?

1. Business stuff to tweet

  • Start by Tweeting the posts that are published on your company blog if they have one
  • Tweet your company’s press releases
  • Make sure you have a RSS Reader, and subscribe to blog feeds from your favourite news or professional sites, or maybe blogs (if you are into social media you could subscribe to these ones). Whenever you see an interesting article, tweet it!
  • Whenever someone in your LinkedIn network sends you an interesting link, guess what, tweet it!

2. Personal stuff to tweet

  • Videos: whenever someone sends you a cool video from YouTube, tweet it! Or have a look yourself and share it on Facebook and Twitter!
  • Go back to your RSS reader! Now subscribe to some personal stuff. Maybe you like design, shoes, music, whatever … subscribe to sites and blogs that interest you! Now, ever time you read a nice article, tweet it!
  • Add something completely personal. If you have just read a great book, had a nice meal, listened to a great CD, google it, and tweet about it!

Once you get comfortable and find a mix that works for you, you can start stepping up your game and figure out how to increase your followers!

Good luck!

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