As a brand you are probably already on Twitter, or you are thinking of it.

When you do, make sure you know what your consumers expect from you. Honestly, they don’t want to know what you have had for breakfast, when your next meeting is, or what time you are leaving the office.

According to the research below they do want… updates on future products, free samples, discount coupons or exclusive content. Or they want to be able to have good customer support, talk to you directly, share their ideas or offer feedback.

This is the stuff that will encourage active Twitter users to follow your brand – and these are the folks you are after!

Active Twitter users are 3 times more likely to comment on your blog posts, react on your photos or videos, share your content, voice their opinion, than your average internet users. Which will help you reach and influence more people!

This lovely infographic below (by Gerardo Obieta) gives you the stats on the behaviours and needs of the active Twitter users.

So how are you helping these active Twitter users help you?

Why People Follow Companies on Twitter Infographic

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