Getting the basics right…

I see many businesses getting their feet wet with social media. I guess it is natural for businesses to discover new channels.

As my business partner Steve Seager points out in his blog post “Social Media is a lot like Aikido. Advertising is a lot like Karate”, social media channels are very different to radio, TV & print.

Many businesses I see on Twitter, embrace it as a broadcast channel. Wrong. People don’t care what you’re doing, what your products do or whether or not you have made it to the newspapers.

People are on Twitter because they are sharing interesting stuff. They follow people because these folks might have something to say which is of value to them.

So the first thing you need to do is figure out what is worth sharing. You are an expert in your field, so you must have an awful lot of knowledge that can be of interest to other people. You must be running into lots of stuff on the web in your field that is worth sharing.

So tweet about it and start following other people who may be interested too!

Oh wait! Three more basic tips to better the chance of people following you:

Make sure your Twitter bio not only says who you are, but also why people should follow you. What are you tweeting about?
Add the URL to your company website or – better – your company blog, so people can check you out
When people follow you, check them out, and if they aren’t spam: follow them right back!!

Now that people know who you are, and see you are sharing meaningful and relevant content, it is also perfectly OK to slip in some shameless promotion for your products every now and then.

How’s that for ya?

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  • rachidanline

    I would like to add: search for people on keywords. If they are talking about your keyword, add them! If they have read this article they'll execute point 3 as well ;-)