Currently more than 300.000 people a day, register an account on Twitter. Registering an account is easy. Basically Twitter only needs your full name, user name, and email address.

So before you know it “John Doe (john_doe_67) is now following your tweets on Twitter” rolls into people’s mailbox. I often get these kind of followers. Sigh.

When I click the link, to check them out, in many cases there is not much more information than there was already in the email.

My advice: don’t bother trying out Twitter. Don’t start following people. You look like a schmuck. Have the courtesy to brush your teeth, comb your hair and wash your hands before introducing yourself to people. Getting your profile page right is one of the first things you need to do.

Last week there was a post on Mashable which explains how you make the most out of your Twitter profile page. The post provides detailed information on how to:

  1. Write a great bio
  2. Choose a rockstar picture
  3. Create a funky custom background offering more info
  4. Make use of the Web Link
  5. Pay Attention to those last few tweets
  6. Use Lists to broadcast your fascinating interest to the world.

Too much work? Discouraged? Here’s my advice:

  1. Start with making sure your bio explains who you are and why people should follow you. Think about keywords that are important to you, so your name pops up in searches!
  2. At least have a picture! Don’t use a logo, or worse, a default avatar
  3. Make sure you include a link. Doesn’t have to be to your company website. Keep it personal. You might want to consider putting in a link to one of your social profiles
  4. Send at least 1 tweet daily. Now people at least know you are alive!

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