Below you’ll find a presentation by Dan Zarrella. The presentation contains data drawn from ‘The Science of ReTweet Report’ in which Dan analyzes the when, why and how Twitter users ReTweet. You can download the full report here.

So what is important? How do you get your content shared via Twitter? How do you get ReTweeted?

As you can see there’s a lot of stuff in there. About which words work well, the effect of punctuation, when to tweet to get a higher Click Through Rate, what time of the day is best for retweeting, etc, etc.

I really like the summary that that Jesse Stanchak wrote after seeing Dan Zarrella speak at a summit in Washington.

Here are his key takeaways:

1. Scarcity rules: tweets that contain news, particulary breaking news, is very retweetable. But also informative and entertaining tweets are also more likely to be retweeted. In esssence: if you want your tweets to spread they need to have a clear value for your followers!

2. Choose your words carefully: Zarrella has monitored which words are retweeted most often. Basically: ‘you’ gets more retweeted than ‘I’ or ‘we’. Logical. It’s all about them, remember? If you want to get down to details that apply to your niche, you should check out Zarrella’s ‘The Most Re-Tweetable Words Finder’ tool.

3. Call to action: tell people what to do and they’ll do it. So, it’s fine to every now and then ask people to ‘please ReTweet’ or ‘Check out this or that’.

4. Mix it up! If you overuse the tips from Zarrella’s report, your followers will get immune to your tweets. They’ll get bored with you. You need to constantly vary. Try your own stuff. Your own language. Your own personality.

A last word

As Zarrella himself also pointed out in the presentation he gave, it’s of crucial importance to really know your audience. Know what they want. Know what they want to share with their followers.

But above all: stay human! Don’t only send out tweets that contain the word ‘you’. Or only tweet the breaking news from Mashable or CNN. Or constantly call people to action.

Mix it it up! You’re talking to real people!!

PS –

A final tip

If you want to know which of your own tweets work best: analyse them! Figure out what kind of tweets you get @replies on. Which of your tweets are Re-Tweeted. Then do more of them!

Another great indication of tweet value is the number of clicks you get on a tweet. When you use the url shortener, you get analytical data so you can see exactly how many people clicked on your tweets.

And…. as you can see on page 33 of the above Slideshare presentation: is THE url shortener to use, because these links get retweeted way more often that links that are shortened with orther tools such as Tiny url… Just so you know! :)

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