I recently came across a post on Hubspot called ‘9 Worst Ways to Use Twitter for Business’. The #1 Worst Way in this Hubspot blog post is ‘Be Overly Self-Promotional’. That’s a great insight. Most businesses are just so used to promoting their stuff that it’s not easy to switch their head-set to a more ‘social’ approach.

So what is a more social approach? In a nutshell, no matter whatever purpose you want to use Twitter, you have to add value to your followers. If you don’t, no-one will follow you back. Here’s 8 ways to help people follow you:

8 Twitter Tips to help you get followed

1. Be Yourself

Don’t speak in corporate gobbledygook. Speak normally. It’s YOU talking. Even when you are tweeting under a corporate account, people need to know they are not talking to a robot!

2. Follow people within your niche

When you are are tweeting about executive search, an architect is not likely to follow you back. And vice verse. When you are targeting followers from within your industry, it is much more likely they follow you back. Check this post on ‘How to Find Followers on Twitter

3. Tweet Good Stuff

Always think quality over quantity. By getting yourself a RSS Reader and subscribing to interesting blogs from your industry you have plenty of great info to Tweet from.

4. Have conversation

Oh yeah. DO talk to people. Although Twitter is a great broadcast channel to sling your message into the world, it is really a conversation channel. It is great for people to be able to directly talk to people from within a company. When people see conversation happening on a channel, they are more likely to follow you.

5. Use #hashtags

Hashtags are little labels that are included in Tweets that indicate the topic of the tweet. Some people are following specific hashtags. So when you are tweeting about specific topics such as e.g. ‘sustainable architecture’, ‘personal branding’ or ‘string quartet’: make sure you use hashtags every now and then. It makes it easier for people to notice your tweets.

6. Join Tweet-ups

Tweet-ups are conversations that happen on Twitter around a certain topic. They can be initiated from a blog, or from an event chat session, or they could just spin off from a normal Tweet. If you use the hashtag from the tweet-up in your tweet; you have joined the Tweet-up. Quite possible the other people who are in the tweet up would start following you.

7. Re-tweet!

Retweeting (RT) other people’s tweets is a great way to promote someone to their following. I always follow the people who RT my tweets. So, by all means, feel free to RT valuable tweets from others. (Like mine ;-) @MichielGaas)

8. Be passionate and opinionated

Being passionate and opinionated helps get you noticed. It makes it easy for people to respond to you. It even gets you followed. Be sure to speak boldly about your subject matter. But bear in mind that being bold isn’t the same as being rude :)

Did I miss anything?

I think I covered most of the basics here but I do welcome any more tips on how to get followed on Twitter!

How to get followed on Twitter | Be passionate and opinionated

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