Last Monday I was writing about ‘Twitter eyeballs on valuable content’. The essence of the story was that if your content is valuable and if you make sure the right people can find it, you have a much better chance of converting them into readers, followers or buyers.

As a fairly recently converted social media evangelist, I keep surprising myself how easy it is to keep falling into the ‘mass marketing’ headset. About a week ago I got a tweet from a friend who was trying to build up a new Twitter channel for his company. He asked me if I could follow me. ‘The more the merrier!’, he said.

It made me think. How am I building my Twitter following? Well, I tend to think I follow only people whom I feel are potentially interesting and valuable connections. Who have the potential to build real relationships with.

So what about my tweets? Hmm. How qualitative is my approach there?

I had to admit to myself that I sometimes rush through my Google Reader, scan some articles, make a quick judgment call, and blast them out on Twitter. The old marketer back at work. Old habits die hard.

So I decided to take another route: screw quantity, hail quality!

That means that on a busy day, I might not tweet. But since it is important to me to build this qualitative following, I need to discipline myself.

My new discipline:

  1. I start the day with 20 minutes on my Google Reader
  2. I scan all the articles, I read the most interesting ones
  3. The most interesting out of those; I will tweet
  4. And I will add a personal little note to help further qualify the content behind the link.

How’s that for a start?

I will keep you posted on the results, in terms of retweets, followers, et al.

Oh, should you feel like following me, you can find me here on Twitter: @MichielGaas ;-)

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