Tapping into social mediaAs the client guy for we do communications I often talk to new clients. Once we start talking about the social web, I always ask them what their perception is of ‘social media’ and its business value.

In my experience there are two distinct categories of prospects: the ones that want to ‘tap into social media’ and the ones that want social media to tap into them.

Let me explain.

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UPC customer telepathyHi y’all. I dropped off the blogosphere for a week to do some skiing in Austria. Major recharge! I recommend it! ;-)

Here’s a quick personal story about customer service to the max: when I returned to Amsterdam, I found a letter on my doorstep from UPC – my cable company. I am a customer for TV, telephone and broadband (fibre) internet.

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Companies that have bad customer service will never make it on the social web. Ehhrr… well actually – as you can see down at the bottom of this post – they can make it in reverse ;-)

Below you find a little clip of a great customer service prank in Belgium. The clip is in Dutch but has subtitles! (thanks for the tip Jeff)

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A personal little story about customer service…

I’m constantly amazed how many companies are still living in the old world.

A few days ago my HTC S740 phone broke down. Pretty good news, because I wasn’t happy with it at all. The thing is running on Windows Mobile 6 point something, and well… it just ain’t working.

Since I’ve been a client at Vodafone for many years, I called them up to renew my contract and get a new phone. I had my eye on the Google Nexus One with Android operating system. Unfortunately Vodafone couldn’t deliver that phone.

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