Import Facebook Photos and Pictures into Google Plus automaticallyLast month I wrote a post about how to import your Facebook pictures into Google Plus.You can do this manually by first downloading your Facebook photos and then uploading them into your G+ Photo albums.

In the comment section of my post some people were kind enough to point out some alternate ways of importing your Facebook photos into Google Plus.

You can for instance use Photograbber, which also allows you to download your friends photos or any other photos that have you tagged for instance.

An interesting comment came from Christopher Russell who wrote a post about importing your Facebook photos into G+ using a recently released Chrome browser app.

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Once in a while you come across a seemingly simple techie invention that makes your life online easier and richer.

Apture Highlights is a browser extension that allows you to get instant access to e.g. Wikipedia, Google, YouTube or Twitter without leaving the page.

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Bitly browser tool publish on Twitter frequentlyWhen you are actively marketing in social media by sharing valuable content, speed is often of the essence. You want to be able to share easily, simply, and quickly.

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This post is the 4rd post in a series of 5 about developing a Keyword Strategy.

There is not much use optimising for keywords you will never, in a million years,  have a chance on. This is why you need to evaluate your online competition.

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Image with combined logo of the Firefox SEO plugin and Chrome SEO Extension In a recent post, I urged marketers to be more aware of the number of backlinks their site is getting from other sites. This is of crucial importance for your website’s performance in search engines.

In addition to monitoring your own’s site performance, you should also keep track of your online competition.

An easy way to work that into your routine is to make use of browser plugins or extensions.

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