This use to be the openingline for our website. We bet you noticed. Something has changed. Back then our clients and prospects were only just getting fully aware of social media.

But now, less than a year later, many businesses and organisations definitely took notice. They are starting to click with ”You Are What You Publish‘.

This is because they have flipped headset from ‘wow’ to ‘how‘.

Well. I sure wish my blog post was about that today.

But it ain’t! I didn’t get around to my blog post today. Sorry.

But fortunately, there’s always some good content to share. Thanks to the lovely social web. So, check out this nice ‘n snappy 2 minute video of “What  the hell is social media’.

10 reasons to take notice….  that something has changed.

Hint: pay attention to reason #4 & #5 (oh, and #9 en #10 come with the package ;-) .

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