Recently I ran into a YouTube video from a communications guy called Greame Anthony. He made the video to apply for a job at ‘we are social’, a UK based conversation agency.

When you look at this video it makes you realize how much has changed. On the social web people are acting more like companies and companies are acting more like people.

Today, the social web provides great possibilities for personal branding and job promotion. It allows people to really campaign for themselves – something that is absolutely necessary in today’s competitive job markets.

Below is the video from Graeme – plus, another great example of how you can make creative use of online channels for your personal branding and career search. Alec Browstein landed a dream job by spending $6 on AdWords!

Check out both videos and have a think – what would happen if you took your own career in hand and started to actively promote your personal brand on in social media?

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