Dear people, over the past 6 months I have been posting about the different aspects of SEO, conversation, tools, social media channels, tactics, and more. This presentation below puts all of these into a useful and practical framework for you to head towards a social media strategy. It is also the core of our own services as a company. Take a look at the presentation below and have a think! You can also download it and share it with colleagues. Links to downloads at the bottom of this blog post!

On Monday and Tuesday night I gave a presentation to a group of entrepeneurs and directors  from a variety of sectors. The reception was great! Lots of nice feedback and questions.

The presentation includes the 5 building blocks of social media strategy & 3 simple rules to bear in mind.

Here’s a summary of the rules:

Rule #1: Publish optimised Content
Rule #2: Connect with your target audiences
Rule #3: Engage in a Conversation with them about your content

Check out the presentation below to find more on the 5 building blocks!

And remember: You are what you publish!

You can download the PowerPoint on SlideShare.

You can download the PDF on Scribd.

Or download a PDF straight from my blog.

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