In his latest blog post my business partner Steve Seager provides a basic four step framework for business leaders to set social media strategy.

Steve had his first taste of strategy when he was rock climbing as a kid with his stepdad. There he learned to think about his finishing point, set direction and plan the moves needed to secure success step by step.

He argues that whether you are talking about rock climbing, traditional marketing or social media, strategy is strategy. The architecture remains the same.

The paper speaks about setting business objectives, setting communication goals and global strategies as well as defining your role in social media as a business leader.

You can read the blog post here or download a slightly expanded version as a PDF here.

It’s a good read, no jargon, just a few thinking points to help set direction, know which questions to ask of your team when you are pitched a ‘social’ approach to doing business online by your team.

He would also love some feedback. Don’t be shy!

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