Last October 14, we gave a presentation to the HR Puzzle – a network of Dutch thought leaders in Ehrm. During the presentation we explained our approach to marketing and pr on the social web.

After a quick introduction we showed them the monthly local search volumes for keywords related to their industry. Those search volumes showed almost 30 searches in this September alone.

What does this mean?

This means that in September alone, each of the business leaders in the HR Puzzle had an opportunity to be found by the prospects already looking for them.

Our recommendation?

The members of the HR Puzzle have a great opportunity to publish optimised content, engage in conversation, and help drive these people through their decision making process about Ehrm related products and services.

The bottom-line:

If you develop a keyword strategy and start creating and publishing valuable content, you have a great opportunity to get found, be heard and start really driving business on the social web.


The question & answer session after the presentation session was realty interesting. There were many great questions from the HR Puzzle members on the practicalities, impacts and tactics for publishing on the social web.

You can grab the presentation above as a PDF or keynote on SlideShare.

Plus, if you personally have any questions about how you can publish on the social web and drive business, fee free to connect with us on Linkedin and drop us a line.

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