Creating buy-in through education…

Last month Ad Week reported on the departure of Dell’s Social Media Chief Bob Pearson. He left the company to take a position with the Blog Council, an industry group focused on social media.

In the article he says: “The biggest challenge is what I call the antibodies. Every organization has them, and the larger ones have more. These are the people still trying to do things like they’ve done the last 10 or 20 years. They tend not to say no but not to say yes. They have lots of ways to stop progress with a smile.”

The best way to counter these antibodies is education. Bob Pearson will be educating the big corporations by joining the Blog Council. The question is: how can you educate the antibodies in your organisation?

In my experience, the most effective method is to research and present information on what your competitors or other companies in the same vertical are doing. If others have already crossed the river successfully, the antibodies can safely cross too…

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