As a marketer, your number 1 objective for the social web is to get found, right?

If you want to get found you know you should optimise your content and your website. But! You should also optimise your social media channels. So, where to start?

Don’t sweat it – this is not something you have to outsource to the IT department or start a project team for – it’s something you can do today. So without further ado, here are …

5 Posts to help your social media channels get found better!

And if you need any help… errr… I’ll be in Corfu next week. (Hence the picture above.) So if you have any questions or comments, I’m on a break from blogging for a week. I’ll catch you when I’m back on May 16.

In the meantime, I wish you a very optimised week!

All the best,


Optimising your Linkedin Profile

Most people I meet have a Linkedin profile. Most of them even have a pretty complete profile including a picture and a summary. But most of those people don’t bother using the right keywords! If you do, you will get found more in Linkedin and your profile also has a better chance of surfacing in Google search results.

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Optimising your SlideShare channel

SlideShare is a great channel to publish your PowerPoint presentations. The content on SlideShare gets indexed by Google. Also people search and research from within’ SlideShare. In order to get found, you must optimise your SlideShare profile and presentations for the words you want to be found on.

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Optimising your YouTube videos and channel

YouTube is the number 2 search engine in the world, straight after Google. People search from inside YouTube, but YouTube videos also pop up in Google search results. Without optimising them, they will not be found! Here’s a blog post with 6 things you can do today to get your videos found better!

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Optimising your Twitter channel

For newbees, Twitter is always one of the most mystic social media channels. People go ahead and create a profile, send out a welcome tweet and wait for the action to come. I have written quite a few posts on what to tweet about, who to follow, how to get followed, etc. But the first thing you need to do – before anything else – is create a decent profile.

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Optimising your Blog

When you start publishing content on your blog, you need to make sure your blog posts are optimised. But you also need to optimise the blogging platform itself. Here’s a blog post that explains the difference between posts, pages and blog home and how to optimise them.

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