Comparing apples and pears…

Recently a press release was put out by e-Dialog, a leading provider of email marketing solutions, which stated: “E-mail trumps other direct marketing channels for driving sales conversions”.

Unfortunately some media outlets especially in The Netherlands all gave it their own spin, leading to misleading headlines such as ‘Consumers are more sensitive to email marketing than to social media marketing’.

OK. Now I’m angry. Let’s look at the facts here:

Email better for driving sales conversions? Of course it is. Email is at the sharp end of the sales funnel. It’s a link direct to the shopping basket. Where does social media fit into this?

Social media drives product awareness, gain trusts and build relationships with consumers
Social media allows people to share stories about your products, and lets you participate in those conversations
Social media creates more qualified traffic to your site

The end result? People to opt-in to your email database. (Which is probably how the email addresses mentioned in the survey were obtained in the first place!)

Is the report really suggesting that the influence of your friends, social networks, family, heroes, business colleagues and celebrities are less influential than an email? If that’s true, then my name isn’t Michiel Gaasterland.

My conclusion? Don’t compare apples and pears. It is confusing. And it makes me cranky.

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