Currently I am preparing to publish a series of posts that teach marketers how to develop a Keyword Strategy. A Keyword Strategy is crucial if you want to drive quality traffic to your website.

Before that however, I will first publish some posts on basis SEO knowledge. Today: the importance of ‘incoming links’ aka ‘backlinks’ to your websites findability.

Links to your website is a major factor in getting great organic search engine results.

a) When other websites links to your website, it helps your website to be found. Visitors from that website can click the link and end up on your website. It’s called a referral and it’s thumbs up!

b) In addition, these links are of crucial importance for your website to be found by search engines. The more links you get, the higher your web page ranks in organic search engine results. For instance in Google search results.

Do you know how many links your site is getting?

In my experience talking to clients, most marketers don’t really know how many links their website is getting from other sites. These links are called ‘incoming links’ and aka ‘backlinks’.

Targeted web traffic and good search engine rankings is crucial to any online business. So, it’s time for every marketer to get his/her hands dirty!

Give it a go!

There’s more than one way to check and analyse your incoming links. Here are two web tools that allow you to check your backlinks now:

1. Check Backlinks:

Also easy to use, and very fast. Very handy for a quick check!

2. Backlinkwatch:

Easy to use, and provides a lot of additional information. Might take a little while if you have a lot of backlinks.

How do you access the results?

For the moment it is useful just to note how many links you have, and where they came from.

Already this gives you an idea of who values your content. Think of these sites as your friends. For good search engine ranking you need as much of this ‘link love’ as you can get.

I will post more on how you build links later.

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  • talwinder

    thanx for ur knowledge…but still i have few doubts..

    are incoming links and backlinks same?
    what are pings and trackbacks as im using wordpress…..and links from what sites will increase our sites popularity in search engine…as i have heard quality matters….
    my site :

    • MichielGaas

      Thanks for your comment.
      Incoming links and backlinks are the same.
      It means that somebody else’s site links to yours.
      Yes quality matters.
      So called ‘high authority’ sites usually have loads of links pointing to them from other sites.
      This gives them a high ‘PageRank’.
      (check my post on PageRank
      When your site gets a link from a site with high PageRank, then this link has more value to you compared with getting a link from a site with low PageRank.
      Don’t worry too much about the pings & the trackbacks.
      I will do a post on this topic next week!

      Let me know if you have any more specific questions.
      I’ll gladly answer them.

  • talwinder

    i have still doubt about nofollow,i use to comment on many blogs when i like the post,and many of them are using nofollow for wordpress comments…
    but when i explore my site in yahoo site explorer it shows all those inbound links,it may not give you page rank benefits,but still you have traffic benefits..

    and now a days trust rank is more important than page rank.TrustRank is the degree to which Google trusts that your website will be valuable to visitors if presented as a search result…

    • MichielGaas

      Oh – just seen your second comments.
      You are aware of PR :-p
      Not sure that Trust Rank is more important than Page Rank.
      PR is of influence on ranking.
      Trust Rank can however get you in trouble.
      For instance when linking to doggy sites.
      My view is simple: if you place publishing great content at the center of your SEO strategy, you need to worry less about SEO tactics.