The benefits of an independent blogging platform…

OK, you decided to start a blog for the benefit of your business. While you are developing your blogging strategy you will hopefully stop and think for a moment about where to host the blog.

I sometimes have the feeling that many companies automatically place their blog on the domain of their own corporate website. But is this the right choice?

If you’re a small business blog with a desire to establish thought leadership, build links, gain advocates and encourage conversations, you really need to first start building connections and position yourself within the industry.

For that purpose, a blog with an independent URL (such as on Typepad or Blogger for example), as opposed to your company URL would be the best choice. Here’s why:

  • Credibility – people want to listen and talk to a real person. Your thoughts and ideas will be perceived as more objective, authentic and independent
  • Engagement – people are more likely to comment on an independent blog than on a corporate website
  • Openness – an independent blog allows you to explore and express ideas that maybe outside of the company’s direct remit but necessary to position you in the industry
  • Traffic – an independent blog creates a new publishing channel. This offers great opportunities for building a great organic SEO footprint
  • Ease of use – when you use Blogger or Typepad for example, optimized post URLS, trackbacks, pre-made templates, comment management tools are all free, simple and easy to use. No big design or optimisation costs.

In short, think carefully about where to host your company blog. If you want to encourage more conversation, more participation, more traffic and make it easy to manage too – go independent!

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