SEO Roadworks signNext week I will start publishing a series of posts on SEO. About what you need to know as a marketer. Followed by a series that helps you develop a Keyword Strategy.

But as a marketer you might be wondering what SEO has to do with you.

Isn’t SEO done by the IT department?

Well, yes and no. Yes, because your website needs to be technically optimised for search engines. That means ensuring your website is in compliance with the protocols and guidelines as set by World Wide Web Consortium (w3c).

But there’s more to optimising your website than just technical protocol.

The web works on words!!!

Consumers, prospects and stakeholders often find you online by searching on keywords: typing them in Google, for instance. And who knows which words your consumers use to find you? Who knows your consumers’ behaviours best? Well, that would be you, dear marketer, not your IT department!

In order to be found, you need to optimise your website for the right keywords. And not just in text, but also in tags, attributes and URLs. And that is exactly what marketers need to get on top of!

If this sounds a little techy at the moment, don’t worry, just stay tuned for the the posts on ‘How to develop a Keyword Strategy’ where all will become clear!

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