On Page SEO. Image of a little King. The King of Niche.As an online marketer, you may well be asking, why is On Page SEO so important? And how seriously do you need to take it?

Well, On Page SEO is a great way to work your Keyword Strategy. You can take the keywords that are most important to you and apply them to SEO tags and attributes on your page. This means you will get found by the people who are searching for you.

In my last blog post, I discussed the most important factors of On Page SEO. You can read about them there.

If you are wondering exactly how far you have to go with On Page SEO, here’s a little tip:

How much On Page SEO should I do?

There are quite a few factors that have a volume button on them. Like keyword density: does it really need to be between 2 and 4% of the body text? Or does your article really need to be at least 500 words? Do I need to make all my keywords bold? Italicise them all?

It all depends on what you are trying to achieve. The more competition, the heavier you must optimise. But smaller businesses or b2b service providers are all strong in their Niche. This means that you need to optimise for your specific strengths and expertise.

In practice this means that you are likely to optimise for 2 to 5 keywords. Getting your keyword density up for 2-4% might turn out to be very hard. It can make your text hard to read. And very long articles might not be what your target audience is looking for. Also italicising every keyword will probably make your text look very messy.

Therefore, I recommend you don’t go overboard on the keyword density, article length, boldening and italicising. Just keep it natural, but bear your keywords in mind.

Great content: more important then On Page SEO!

The actual content on the page should always be leading. Just write it well (just like normal copy), and make sure it has value to your readers. Then do your basic On Page SEO. Include your keywords in the URL, title tag, h1, et al… Your post can now be found your target audience.

Bear in mind that on a blog it is not all about one individual blog post. So don’t go overboard on every single post. It’s about your entire archive of blog posts. Just publish regularly, and if you are covering your whole keyword strategy, you will get there.

Plus, when the content on your blog is appreciated and valued by your readers, you will start to build Authority and Trust. The more authority you get as a blogger, the more people will start linking to your blog and blog posts.

And when that happens, it’s like the wind catching your sail. Your keyword strategy will start working on a wide variety of long tail searches. And that’s what will make you the King of your Niche…

…A combination of On Page SEO, attracting quality links, and don’t forget…great content!

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