Image with combined logo of the Firefox SEO plugin and Chrome SEO Extension In a recent post, I urged marketers to be more aware of the number of backlinks their site is getting from other sites. This is of crucial importance for your website’s performance in search engines.

In addition to monitoring your own’s site performance, you should also keep track of your online competition.

An easy way to work that into your routine is to make use of browser plugins or extensions.

Firefox or Chrome?

I recommend using the Firefox SEO Plugin as well as the Chrome SEO Extension. Both install a tiny icon in your browser bar. When you click the icon, you get a layer with SEO site information.

The FireFox SEO Plugin is offered by SEOBook. You need to register in order to download the plugin. Not much hassle, you don’t get spammed and you get access to lots of other additional SEO tools & features.

The Chrome SEO Extension is a no brainer. Click here, click install, 2 seconds later you’re in business. The extension gives great top line SEO information about the website you are visiting.

What to look for?

One of the things you need to look at is the number of backlinks your competitors are receiving from other sites. Both, the Firefox plugin as well as the Chrome extension give you lots of information about backlinks.

Soon I will kick off a series of posts that will teach you all you need to know about SEO as a marketer. In addition to that I will explain how you can develop a Keyword Strategy. In that context you shall also need to research your online competition. Both of these plugins are extremely helpful for doing just that.

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