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My last blog post talking about the benefits of an independent blogging platform and url as opposed to putting your blog on the root corporate web domain. My advice was catered towards small business blogs with a desire to establish thought leadership, build links, gain advocates and encourage conversations.

As a matter of habit I always submit my blog posts to the News and Discussion sections in relevant Linkedin Groups. The topic kicked off a lively debate between PR professionals with many valuable contributions. One of the contributors, Jonathan Bernstein – President at Bernstein Crisis Management Inc – brought some deeper and very practical insights to the table.

Jonathan has been running his Bernstein Crisis Management blog since November 2007 and has since then published approx. 175 articles. His blog keeps his corporate website www.bernsteincrisismanagement.com on page one of Google search results for “crisis management” and a number of related terms. The company website generates about 95% of his business. Pretty neat!

The key behind his success is that Jonathan has adapted his keyword strategy successfully as well as his focus and dedication on getting links from other websites. In regards to getting links back he says the following:

These are the primary ways I get links back to my main business website:

  • Giving other sites permission to reprint articles from my ezine as long as they link back
  • Publishing my articles not only on my site, but at online article directories – at least 10 weekly – which provides links back
  • Posting on my blog at least five times weekly, with links back
  • Writing guest columns and speaking at webinars getting more links back.

A critical pre-requisite for this whole thing to work is to have your blog and corporate website on separate servers. Which is exactly the case when blogging on an independent blogging url such as Blogger or Typepad.

I stick to my previous conclusion to go independent to encourage more conversation, more participation and build more traffic. I may just add that Google page one (!) is not an unattainable objective for a small business!

Thanks for your insights Jonathan!

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