Just last December Google and Bing confirmed that links shared through Twitter and Facebook have a direct impact on rankings.

In a nutshell, this means that when an article gets retweeted or referenced a lot on e.g. Twitter, Google uses it as a sign of popularity and will rank the article higher in organic and news search.

Just last week Google announced that they have also made new improvements to Social Search.

Social Search is a functionality launched by Google in October 2009. It means that your search results in Google are complemented with social content from your online friends and network.

At first these ‘social results’ – e.g. tweets from your friends – were displayed at the bottom of the page, and then they moved to the middle of the page. With the latest upgrade they are now integrated in search results (see image below).

Increasing Social Media influence on Google search results

But that’s not all:

Web pages that get shared by your friends are now also bumped up in Google search results.

That is a pretty significant change!

What does this mean for you as a business?

Well, first of all Social Search only works when you have a Google profile or when you are logged in to you Google account. But it does send a clear message as to where things are heading.

The more your content gets shared in social media, the more relevant Google thinks your content is.

My advice is to connect with their target audiences in social media. Publish relevant, meaningful content that people want and looking for. And engage in a conversation with them. So you can build up a relationship with them. And build Trust. Which will help in getting your content shared even more.

And Trust – as we know – is the Holy Grail of Social Media.

Now also for SEO?

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  • Hans

    Hi Michiel, do you know what (if any) the effect is of URL-shorteners. And what is your opinion about getting more (search) results instead of better results? Or do you think we get better results this way.

  • http://www.michielgaasterland.com/ MichielGaas

    Hi Hans – thanks for your comment.

    Doing an extensive post on URL shortners is actually in my planning. I need to investigate what the effect of all the different URL shortners is on for instance click through rate. What I do know is that on Twitter the click through rate on Bit.ly links is much higher than on other URL shortners (Tiny url came in second by a landslide).

    Is your more or better search results question related to your URL shortener question?

    In general, it really depends on your objective. Are you selling or Informing? Are you going for Reach or are going for Engagement? Are your opportunities in main keywords or in long tail? These kind of questions influence the more/better question.

    Does this answer your question?