Below a nicely crafted infographic that gives you the lowdown on Google Panda – Google’s latest search engine algorithm update. It has certainly rocked the boat for some websites.

Crunched down:

  • Google tries to emulate ‘human perception’ in the algorithm
  • Many SEO best practices still apply, but Google has gotten much better in identifing
  • High quality content by looking at ‘user hapiness’
  • Panda likes: Trust, Engagement, shares in social media, nice layout and good writing…

I think what the Panda really wants to know is:

  1. Is this web page soley created to make money?
  2. Or is it created to genuinely provide helpful and valuable content to people?

If 2, then 1 is no problem.
If 1, you’re gonna need to get better at 2.

Infographic by cognitiveSEO.

What in the name of Google is a Panda

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