An important tip to make bloggers write about you…

For many people plugged in to social media, the headline of this blog post is quite obvious. But for many just getting their feet wet in social media, it may well not be.

Simply put, if you want bloggers to write about you, don’t send them your press release! It’s a common mistake many traditional PR agencies seem to make when they expand their press lists with blogger names.

Why not? Media writes about ‘news’. Preferably bad news. Stories only ‘last’ for a short time.

Bloggers on the other hand, write about what they are passionate about. And what is of value to both them, and their readers. Over time.

If you want to get bloggers to write about you, make sure the story you offer is relevant and meaningful. It doesn’t have to be a big ‘news’ event. It can be interesting stories about how your business is working towards better customer service. Or the fact you are entering a new business partnership that affects your industry. This type of article remains meaningful for the readers of blogs for quite some time.

So when you want bloggers to write about you, don’t focus on the ‘news’ value. Instead, give them information and content which is of value to the people that read their blog. This is what makes bloggers tick. This is what makes them write about you.

Hope this little tip helps!

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  • MommyBlogExpert

    Michiel, Helpful advice. As a former PR agency executive now a full-time mommy blogger I do agree with this on principle, because I only write about products + services I am passionate about. And, of course, that I have tested (via either my own family or a close friend). I do find news releases helpful if there is something there that I have use for now (or something I might file now, but use later). So PR agencies and companies should do their homework before sending product/services to any blogger for review to be sure it is in the best interests of both.

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