Last week, we do communications’ PR & Strategy director Steve Seager gave a presentation the Dutch Architecture PR Group in Rotterdam.

His biggest insight from this great meeting was that PR and Comms people in Architecture are essentially no different from those in B2B PR and marketing. They all face the similar challenges when getting started.

Since many of our clients are also in B2B services, I thought his post was useful to share here as well.

In his blog post Steve talks about the main challenges PR & Marketing people face when they haven’t got much experience working with social media. He identified these main challenges:

  • How do I get my personal skill levels up?
  • How do I get senior level buy in?
  • Where do I start?

You can download a PDF which talks about these challenges & possible solutions here.

For his talk with the Architect PRs Steve used the Slideshare presentation embedded here above, which:

  • spots the difference between social networks, social media and social web
  • talks about how many people are using it and what they are doing there
  • contains a framework which explains the core differences between social media and traditional media
  • gives some useful tips for you to get started on the social web.

You can download the presentation on Slideshare (Keynote) here.

Or a PDF version via Scribd here.

Hope it’s useful! And if we missed anything let us know! Are you facing the same challenges as well when it comes to marketing your B2B service on the social web?

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