The fundamentals of B2B Marketing…

I’m often being asked by friends why I dedicate so much time to writing my blog, maintaining my Linkedin profile, getting Twitter contacts, crafting presentations to publish on the web, commenting on people’s blogs et al.

This video answers all these questions:

What a brilliant video! The fundamentals of Business-to-Business Marketing indeed haven’t changed. Before you consider doing business with someone, you want to know who that person is.

This is what the social web allows me to do. It allows people to get to know me, understand what I do, what problems I can solve, what I’ve done and what I’m planning to do.

Of course, this will never substitute meeting me in person. But as the saying goes: ‘you never get a second chance of a first impression’.

So the question is: when someone checks you out online, what first impression will people get of you?

This is me.

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