After a speaking gig I am often asked for book tips. People are really eager to know more about ‘doing business on the social web’. They realise they need to change their headset from mass communications to targeted communications, from broadcasting to conversation, from interruption marketing to permission marketing, from keeping control to gaining influence, and so on.

Recently – during a visit to my local book store – I noticed that the ‘social media book section’ has exploded. So many books. So much choice. Where do you start?

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Social Media Case Studies HandpickedEach month there are some 8.100 searches in Google on the term ‘social media case studies’.

A pretty popular search term!

I think these searches come partly from people who are looking for ‘proof’, but also from people who want to learn from the efforts of other companies.

But good social media case studies are hard to find. And besides that, most case studies talk about big brands such as Pepsi, Dell or Zappos.

Over the last year I have been bookmarking links to high quality social media case studies. Most of them are from smaller companies in B2B, B2C, nonprofit and more.

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Dear people, over the past 6 months I have been posting about the different aspects of SEO, conversation, tools, social media channels, tactics, and more. This presentation below puts all of these into a useful and practical framework for you to head towards a social media strategy. It is also the core of our own services as a company. Take a look at the presentation below and have a think! You can also download it and share it with colleagues. Links to downloads at the bottom of this blog post!

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Below a 1 minute video interview with Joe Pulizzi, a leading author, speaker and strategist for content marketing. Joe is founder of Junta42 Content Marketing blog.

In the video Joe delivers a sweet little 1 minute pitch on Why marketers need to become publishers.

Check out the video and the keypoints below.

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A business friend once said to me: “We are friends. And if you help me make money, I will help you make money. Then we stay friends.”

Yes – this is an ancient wisdom.

Quid Pro Quo. Apply it in business!

But in a web 2.0 world you don’t just need business friends.

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Aap Noot MiesTwo years ago I would meet people everyday whose organisations did not have a presence in social media yet. But now, most companies I talk to are present in social media.

This is my non-scientific way of saying if your company is not in social media yet: you’re late.

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Cluetrain Manifesto coverThe Cluetrain Manifesto – written in 1999 – is a must read for all businesses wanting to better understand social media. In essence The Cluetrain Manifesto can be summed up in one single paragraph:

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A YouTube channel is the place where you can display and organise the YouTube videos you publish.

Below a cool little video that explains how you can customize your YouTube channel! The video explains how to customize design, how to group videos thematically, add modules, etc.

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Below a nice infographic done by… Microsoft (I thought they made software ;-)

It’s contains data from a UK survey of 731 mums in varous stages of motherhood as well as 111 pregnant women with internet access.

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Listening to online conversation in social mediaA very simple (and free!) way to get social media buy-in from your organisation is to show them that conversations are already happening about your brand or product.

If you can show that, then your organisation then has two choices:

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