Last Tuesday was my one year blogging anniversary! (Yah!)

Right now I’m in the middle of doing a full analysis of traffic and engagement per blog post. I will share this data with you soon.

As I was going over all my old posts, I ran into this one dated February 7th: “Step into my office – a post about blogging and numbers”.

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Here’s a little tip I picked up this morning while reading this post on the SEOmoz daily blog:

Facebook now not only offers Insights for your Facebook Page but also for your own website!

This is great, because you can now not only see which of your website or blog content is being shared and clicked on, but you can also see the demographics of the people who shared your content! For instance:

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When I came in to our office (see picture) this morning, I filcked open my laptop and noticed that my last post got quite a few tweets and a good bit of traffic as well.

Step into my office a post about Blogging and Numbers

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So, you’ve got yourself a Twitter account, you have figured out what you need to be Tweeting about and you are doing it. Everything feels good.

But as a marketer you want something more tangible than just a feeling. What about clickthrough? If you know the number of clicks that each of your Tweets generates, you can figure out what your people really value – and do more of it!

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Measuring traffic and behavior on your website or blog is one of the cornerstones of online marketing. Without a measurement tool like for instance Google Analytics, you’re a sailor without a compass.

Especially with smaller businesses, you need to be able to start drawing conclusions based on relatively small sets of data (in terms of quantity).

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Break it down into easy chunks…

Many marketers are hesitant to start investing in social media, because they struggle with the metrics. Before they start they would like to know what the potential ROI is of their Facebook group, Twitter chats, blog posts and activities in forums and discussion groups.

Activities in social media build relationships and trust. As such it is a long stretch to connect social media activities directly to a sale. And that is what ROI is.

That can be a problem. But it’s the same problem that traditional mass communications has: if you air a TV ad or publish a print ad, can you link directly to a specific sale in a retail outlet? Not really: you need to look at the sum of your activities and your overall results.

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