Here’s a little tip I picked up this morning while reading this post on the SEOmoz daily blog:

Facebook now not only offers Insights for your Facebook Page but also for your own website!

This is great, because you can now not only see which of your website or blog content is being shared and clicked on, but you can also see the demographics of the people who shared your content! For instance:

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Since about two years already, YouTube is the number 2 search engine in the world – straight after big daddy Google. In addition YouTube videos are also found directly in Google search result pages.

In order to get your videos found, make sure you optimise them to your keyword strategy!!

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Quora logoQuora is new and fast growing Questions & Answer website founded by two ex Facebook execs. Early 2011 Quora was tipped by Mashable as one of the websites to watch in 2011 and hyped by Robert Scoble amongst others.

So, what’s the big deal? How is Quora different to, Yahoo Answers, and other Q&A sites than have been around for a long time?

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You have probably noticed that you can integrate your Twitter account into your Linkedin profile. This means you can post your tweets in your LinkedIn profile.

If you choose to integrate your Twitter and Linkedin accounts, you have two choices:

1. Share all your tweets in your Linkedin status

2. Add the ‘#in’ hashtag to share only specific tweets

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Linkedin Company Profile Group A Architects RotterdamI have often been asked by my clients how to create a company profile on Linkedin.

Creating a company profile on LinkedIn helps you get found in LinkedIn searches. Your company profile can also be found by people searching in Google.

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