This morning I’m giving a presentation for the social media event organised by Onbegrensd Talent. More about Onbegrend Talent here (Dutch only).

The deck I’ll present is above. The purpose of my presentation is to help flip people’s headset.


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Inbound marketing reasonsOne of the most important changes in the world of marketing over the past years, is the shift from outbound to inbound marketing.

Traditional outbound marketing strategies focus on finding customers. Examples of outbound marketing are TV advertising, print- and banner advertising, billboard campaigns, e-mail marketing, cold calling, etc.

Web 2.0 marketing strategies focus on customers finding you. Inbound marketing makes use of search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, and content marketing.

In 2011, you simply cannot afford to not have an inbound marketing strategy. Here’s why:

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Radiohead are always an inspiration. This from a conversation between myself and Steve, my business partner, today;

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Hi y’all, back from my short break to Corfu in Greece. It was great :)

One of the first things I did when I arrived back was to check my Google Reader to see what I missed. While scanning through, I found this great post I thought I would share from Lee Oden.

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Culture leadership social media marketingAt the bottom of this post you will find a nice little video with a collection of infographics made by Mark Smiciklas. He makes cool stuff. So check out his Intersection marketing blog for more.

In the vid below he gives 19 examples of ‘Social media best practices’. My favourite image is #4 at 50 seconds.

This will give you a really good insight into where you need to focus as an organisation.

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Some videos are screaming to be shared. This is one of them.

It’s made by a UK agency called Purplefeather. Bravo! I salute you!

What a little copy edit can do ;-)

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My business partner Steve Seager has just launched his new blog on

On his blog Steve will be talking about strategy and communications on the social web.

When I met Steve more than 2 years ago I wasn’t too keen on the word ‘Strategy’. I always felt strategy was about long term. It would always prevent things from moving forward!

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Dear people, over the past 6 months I have been posting about the different aspects of SEO, conversation, tools, social media channels, tactics, and more. This presentation below puts all of these into a useful and practical framework for you to head towards a social media strategy. It is also the core of our own services as a company. Take a look at the presentation below and have a think! You can also download it and share it with colleagues. Links to downloads at the bottom of this blog post!

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A business friend once said to me: “We are friends. And if you help me make money, I will help you make money. Then we stay friends.”

Yes – this is an ancient wisdom.

Quid Pro Quo. Apply it in business!

But in a web 2.0 world you don’t just need business friends.

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Aap Noot MiesTwo years ago I would meet people everyday whose organisations did not have a presence in social media yet. But now, most companies I talk to are present in social media.

This is my non-scientific way of saying if your company is not in social media yet: you’re late.

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