Since about two years already, YouTube is the number 2 search engine in the world – straight after big daddy Google. In addition YouTube videos are also found directly in Google search result pages.

In order to get your videos found, make sure you optimise them to your keyword strategy!!

How does ‘Ranking’ work in YouTube?

If you want your video to rank high in YouTube, it needs to be:

1. Great quality
2. Well optimised
3. Shared, liked and linked to by the community.

Ranking factors on YouTube can include anything from ‘Title’ and ‘Description’ to ‘Views’, ‘Likes’, ‘Flags’ and ‘Shares’ to ‘Age of video’, ‘Video responses’ and ‘Inclusion on Playlists’.

In order words: make a great video that has real value to people, optimise it for the keywords you want to be found on and then work it in social media.

Basic YouTube Optimisation Tips

At the bottom of this post you’ll find a really good deck by a company called Reel SEO. It contains great advice on how to optimise your YouTube videos to the max!

If you don’t want to trawl through the presentation, here are some things you can do today to get your YouTube videos found better!

1. Make sure you have a keyword strategy.

Know what you want to be found on, research the competition, get data on what people are really searching for (exact keywords & volume) via Google’s Keyword Tool. Then develop a keyword strategy.

2. Start with the long tail.

Optimising for keyword phrases is a great strategy to get found more, and to attract quality traffic. You might not have great chances of ranking high on a major keyword. But producing content and optimising for long tail will get you topping the rankings straight away!

3. Get your basic meta data right

The so called ‘Title’ and ‘Description’ are two essential parts of optimising your YouTube video. Make sure you have your most important keywords in the Title, preferably at the beginning.

Make sure you write a compelling description for the video. This is where you sell it! Don’t forget to put the URL of your site in the beginning of the description. This way you not only drive traffic to your site, but it also makes it easy for people to link to you.

Lastly, make sure you select the right ‘Category’ for your video, and fill in the right ‘Tags’. Don’t overdo it on the keywords. Make sure the Tags are relevant to your video Title.

4. Post the video to your blog

Getting inbound links to your video is an important ranking factor for YouTube. So what better place to start driving links to your video than embedding it in your own blog?

5. Do some shameless blog promotion

Getting shares and likes on your video is also of great importance for ranking high on YouTube. So promoting your video with your friends and followers is a great first step. Here’s a link to a post called Shameless Blog Promotion that should get you started.

6. Customize your YouTube channel

Your YouTube channel can also be optimised by giving it the right title, description, adding tags, etc. Having a profile that looks sharp also helps in getting more views on your video. Check out this video on ‘How to customize your YouTube channel‘.


Hope this helps! And don’t forget to take a look at the presentation below! Really valuable info there!

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