A good part of my work involves helping my clients publish content, such as presentations, pdfs, videos, and so on, in social media channels.

In the process I often encounter messy tactical issues that need solving. To help you become a better marketer on the social web, I’ve made it a habit to share the solutions with you.

Here’s one:

I was embedding a SlideShare presentation into an article on a social media newsroom. As a default, SlideShare includes additional information – such as title and author – in the embedding code. Makes my newsroom look messy and ugly. Me no like.

E.g: Before and After: one of our own presentations:

How do you get rid of extra titles (in the red circles)?

For this you need to adjust the HMTL code. Ouch! Scary! Well, rest assured I am by no means a techy. But I’ve picked up quite a few tricks here and there through trial and error ;-)

Here’s what you do: the only code you need is the code that sits between <object id=’ and </object>. See the example below. The code you need is in yellow.

The rest of the code you can cut out. But be aware! Don’t be sloppy and cut out any additional characters. HTML doesn’t like that too much!

That’s it. Happy coding!

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