As a marketer, you or your department, will sometimes be dealing with nastly little executional issues related to publishing content on the web.

In my blog post last week I discussed adjusting the code from SlideShare presentations, so they look cleaner when you embed them.

Another problem you might encounter is the size of the object not fitting your blog. For instance a YouTube video might be too wide for your blog. This way the video will overlaps the column next to your content area.

The same could happen to a SlideShare presentation or to any content (video, image) you are embedding in your blog or social media newsroom.

Here’s how you solve it:

  • Go to your blog post, click edit, and click HTML view
  • Go to the embedded code in the post
  • Look for the values under ‘width’ & ‘height’ (see image)
  • These are the dimensions of the object you want to adjust

  • Go to an online aspect ratio calculator, for instance this one from Andrew Hedges
  • Fill in the width in the X-field on the left, and the height in the Y-field on the left
  • Now fill in desired width of the object in the X-field on the right
  • It automatically calculates the height of the object that matches your desired width

  • Go back to your blog post (still in HTML view) and replace the values of width & height with the values you got from the aspect ratio calculator
  • Click ‘Update’ and you’re done.

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