Facebook page vanity URLMany companies nowadays have a Facebook page. But often they forget to claim their ‘vanity URL’.

When we started our Facebook Page, the URL of our Facebook Page looked like this:


It now looks like this:


Having this neat URL makes it easier to communicate the address of the Facebook page. But it also prevents other people from claiming it!

In order to claim your vanity URL, you need to:

After that:

Just follow these steps to claim the vanity URL of your Facebook Page:

  1. Go to Facebook Username (http://facebook.com/username)
  2. Use the dropdown menu to select your Facebook page
  3. Enter your desired user name
  4. Click on ‘Check availibility’
  5. Facebook will then tell you if your name is still available
  6. When it’s not available, you need to think of another name :-(
  7. When it is available: Click ‘Confirm’
  8. Click ‘Okay’ to finish.

That’s it. You now have your vanity URL on Facebook! It is part of your online social real-estate if you will.

Have you thought about claiming your own branded username on other channels to?

PS & by the way: the love for the Smurfs is personal. Although Radiohead was the highlight of my career at record company EMI, The Smurfs were most definitelty where it all started.

PPS – the Smurfs actually sold more ;-)

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  • Sinead

    Thanks but when I go to (http://facebook.com/username) it asks me for password – which I enter but it brings me to my own personal page which then I go to drop down and choose my community page which I want to shorten and it brings me to this page but then I am lost ! I have already shortened other business pages belonging to me but I am baffled here!!! Much appreciate any help! Thanks SInead

    • http://www.michielgaasterland.com/ MichielGaas

      Hey Sinead,
      The above vanity url post is on business pages.
      Not sure what the deal is with community pages. They are not run by a single author. You also can’t edit them.
      I pressume the page has more than 25 likes?
      Did you give the page an initial name and you now want to change it?
      I can’t find any specific info on community pages & custom url at FB :-(

  • FS

    I am one of the administrators of a Facebook Page. I logged on to FB and did the same as steps 1-5 above, then inadvertently clicked the “claim” button! I only meant to check the username availability. Have I now claimed the username for my personal account or is it attached to the business account?

    • http://www.michielgaasterland.com/ MichielGaas

      Hi, sorry for my late reply. Was off on holiday for a week. You easily check by entering the new vanity url in the address bar of you browser: do you end up on your Page or on your personal profile?

  • SF

    Hi Michiel. I hope you can help me. I have taken over the marketing for a company, who had already set up a Facebook account as a personal profile. This profile has almost 300 friends. I’ve set them up with a Page (product/service) and went to allocate it a vanity url. I followed your instructions, logging in as the company’s personal account (to which the Page is connected) and it set the vanity link to the company’s personal account rather than the new Page. Is there any way to change this?

    Also do you know if there is any way of moving across photos/tagged photos that the company has been tagged in on the personal profile?

    Really hope you can help :)

    • http://www.michielgaasterland.com/ MichielGaas

      Hi Shelly, is the personal account still a personal account or did it become a Page? It sounds like you have accidently converted the Personal profile into a Page… (see post here: http://bit.ly/fUFvXT). 

      And that is something that cannot be undone…

      Unfortunately, when these things happen you are in the hands of FB customer care. And they have a bit too many customers to care for, so it might take a while for them to act upon your request.

      Contact details are:  http://www.facebook.com/help/contact_generic.php.

      About the photo question: I do not quite understand what you mean. Can you clarify? Do you mean getting more control over the horizontal bar with photos on the Page?

  • Latest Gift

    Great tip! many thanks and it was as easy as you said.

  • Adam

    Hey Michael,

    My Dad is trying to claim a Facebook Page for a business he rightfully now owns but the women that started it is not willing to add him as an admin or shut the page down? Now, Facebook says if you go to a drop down menu it should ‘is this your business?’ but it doesn’t do that for us?

    Is there anyway of claiming it or shutting it down?

    Kind regards

    • http://www.michielgaasterland.com/ MichielGaas

      No automatically Adam.
      You can however put in a request at FB delivering proof that you now own this business. But I don’t have any experience in how they handle a request like that. I guess you would need to deliver the proof that the FB page is an integral part of the business and that you rightfully own it.
      Tough situation!
      Can’t really help you :-(
      Good luck.

  • grhysman

    Hi Michiel, what happens when you find somebody has your vanity URL connected to their personal page,how do you go about getting it from them