Companies that have bad customer service will never make it on the social web. Ehhrr… well actually – as you can see down at the bottom of this post – they can make it in reverse ;-)

Below you find a little clip of a great customer service prank in Belgium. The clip is in Dutch but has subtitles! (thanks for the tip Jeff)

As everyone knows, mobile phone operators are notorious for their bad customer service. What ever you do, you don’t want to get trapped in one of those automated help desk phone menus.

Well, that is exactly what happened to the poor security guy from the Belgium mobile phone operator Mobistar. He had a rather large shipping container delivered to his doorstep, and the thing was blocking the entrance of the building. So he called the help desk number on the side of the container, to get the bloody thing removed.

Inside the container, were 4 Belgium journalists who were acting as the ‘customer service help desk’ from the container company. And they were fully prepped to give Mobistar a dose of their own medicine. Press ’1′ for help!

Video here:

Mobistars’ ‘Baptism of Fire‘ on the social web, here:

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