I was reading an article in the Guardian about the South by Southwest festival of film, music and technology. In the article the journalist talks about a conversation he was having with a ‘content strategist’.

A excerpt from the article:

What is “content strategy”? No, I mean, like, specifically?

The content strategist across the table took a sip of his orange-coloured cocktail. He looked slightly exasperated. “Well, from one perspective, I guess,” he said, “it’s kind of everything.”

This, for outsiders, is the fundamental obstacle to understanding where technology culture is heading: increasingly, it’s about everything.

Well, I get what he means. Stuff is interconnected these days. Boundaries between online and offline are disappearing. Content is a binding factor. But Content Strategy is not ‘kind of everything’.

After a quick check with our resident guru Steve Seager, here’s a slightly more useful definition:

Content strategy is the creation, curation or delivery of online content designed to drive people through their purchase or decision making cycle about your business.

In this blog posts you can read a bit more on Content Strategy aka Content Marketing.

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