Below a 1 minute video interview with Joe Pulizzi, a leading author, speaker and strategist for content marketing. Joe is founder of Junta42 Content Marketing blog.

In the video Joe delivers a sweet little 1 minute pitch on Why marketers need to become publishers.

Check out the video and the keypoints below.

Keypoints of the video:

Marketers need to learn how to become publishers.

The whole idea of the social web is to engage.
You do that through valueable, relevant and compelling content and on a consistent basis.

That is what traditional publishers have been doing for a long time.
They are struggling today because they can’t get advertising to support that.
Marketers don’t have that problem!

The challenge is that marketers are not used to thinking like publishers.

How can you think like a publisher?
Take your sales head off and put your publishing head on.

Figure out what are the informational needs of your customers.
And target those needs with really refreshing and compelling content so you can create those engagement and conversation opportunities.

Success in social media is driven by a content strategy.

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