Just last week, I did a post called “What is Content Curation?“. In it I explained how it can be useful to you and your network.

Content curation basically means that you are pointing people to other people’s content.

But wait. Not just randomly. If you want to do it well, there are some rules:

1. choose a specific topic
2. share only the best stuff
3. keep doing it continuously.

So, now you what to do, you must also be wondering how. What tools do you use? How do you incorporate it into your daily routine? Who to follow? What formats to share?

Turning content curation in to an art

Below you find a great deck from a guy called Dado van Peteghem. He’s created a presentation called ‘The Fine Art of Content Curation‘. He answers a lot of the questions you might have in regards to content curation and how to do it well.

Enjoy! & Happy Easter.

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