The perks of creating a website content plan…

If you have ever been involved in the process of developing a website, you are probably familiar with terms like navigation, functionality, interaction design, css design, use cases, flow charts and so on.

No matter how well designed & executed your website or application, it’s the content in them that determines your success. It’s your content that drives people to click, download, subscribe, & buy your ideas, products or services.
So why is it that in 9 out of 10 cases, content is the last thing that is attended to when creating a website?

I dare to say: flip it! Start thinking about your content first, then start thinking about design, functionality and other technical requirements.

The internet is not mass media. You are not targeting everyone. You are targeting individuals behind their computer, looking for specific information.

A website content plan defines which specific buying personas your content is for. What content they value the most. So you know which content should sit where in your site. And in what format.

As such your website content plan informs the interaction design of your website. So you can actively drive people through their buying & decision making process when they visit you.

By planning your content strategy before you complete your interaction design, you save time & money. And you improve your conversion rate when you launch.

If you, dear reader, got this far it’s time for a bit of disclosure: my own company helps businesses create content plans. You can visit us here.

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