You have probably noticed that you can integrate your Twitter account into your Linkedin profile. This means you can post your tweets in your LinkedIn profile.

If you choose to integrate your Twitter and Linkedin accounts, you have two choices:

1. Share all your tweets in your Linkedin status

2. Add the ‘#in’ hashtag to share only specific tweets

I often see people going for option 1 – sharing each and every tweet they tweet, in their LinkedIn profile.

This really isn’t good practice. Twitter and Linkedin are completely different channels, each with their own best uses. And, as we say, the core of good communications is the right message, for the right audience, in the right channel.

So my advice is to go for option 2.


Linkedin is your online CV and business card. For the most part, you will have met everyone you connect with on LinkedIn. You want to stay in contact with these people to build your network, explore new business or career opportunities. You want to join professional groups, maybe ask industry questions, or even answer them.

On Twitter, however, the chances are you will never have met the majority of your followers. These people are not just your contacts, but they could also be your customers, prospects, maybe your favourite news sources … even your competitors! These people are interested in completely different content than you would share with your professional network.

So, go for option 2 – share only those tweets that add value to your professional network! Otherwise, you may clutter up the Linkedin news feed of your connections, with tweets that most likely won’t get read – and, even more importantly, won’t value!

That’s a much better practice!

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