Social Media Case Studies HandpickedEach month there are some 8.100 searches in Google on the term ‘social media case studies’.

A pretty popular search term!

I think these searches come partly from people who are looking for ‘proof’, but also from people who want to learn from the efforts of other companies.

But good social media case studies are hard to find. And besides that, most case studies talk about big brands such as Pepsi, Dell or Zappos.

Over the last year I have been bookmarking links to high quality social media case studies. Most of them are from smaller companies in B2B, B2C, nonprofit and more.

My guidelines for including a case study in the list are the mention of:

- Goals
- Strategy
- Used tactics and tools
- Results.

I hope the list is useful to you! If you come across other social media case studies that fit these criteria, please drop me a comment! I will include them!

You find the list here:

I will keep building the list. You can subscribe to my Delicious social media case study RSS channel here.

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